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Brian Lewis | partner


"People think in pictures," is a common reminder from New Frame  Partner Brian Lewis when discussing popular communications style.

At New Frame, Brian is one of four lobbyists for the firm's clients at the General Assembly.  Brian combines his extensive political experience with his talent for telling the stories of individuals, small businesses, and nonprofits through film and video, an effective tool in collecting votes for legislation, communicating to the media, and explaining complex legislative issues to the public.  

Brian also produces communications content and strategy for clients, including film and video for small business ventures and nonprofit agencies promoting services and products in the marketplace.     

Visit a sample of New Frame's film projects here.    

Brian has worked in NC politics and policy since 1996 and holds a master's degree in public affairs and bachelor's in political science from UNC Greensboro.  He is a veteran lobbyist at the General Assembly and has been involved in some of the state's most high profile political discussions, communications campaigns, and policy debates over the last decade.  However, New Frame is Brian's vision of lobbying and advocacy that is focused on finding common ground, putting aside partisanship, and making good public policy for North Carolina.    

When Brian is not spending time with his wife and two kids in and around their home in Cary, NC, he can usually be found surfing at Wrightsville Beach's South End in the early morning.   Brian is also an accomplished IRONMAN 140.6 and 70.3 athlete and marathoner.  

Contact: | 919-413-2580

JASON JOYNER | partner


It was a rainy day in the fall of 1996 when Jason Joyner’s 3rd grade class was disappointed about losing a precious recess.   However, Jason reveled in Mrs. Pindell's announcement that the class mock presidential debate would be extended, and he would have an extra hour representing the Bob Dole/Jack Kemp presidential banner to his fellow 9-year olds.

It’s also the day Jason made history as he picked up 92% of the popular vote in his class - losing only two votes to student stand-ins for President Bill Clinton and Ross Perot.  Jason proudly secured the White House for the Republican Party, although Senator Dole would not hold on in the actual election weeks later, a reality that still bothers Jason to this day.

Twenty years later, Jason remains as passionate about politics as the 9-year old standing in for the oldest nominee in Presidential politics.  Jason graduated from Appalachian State University with a degree in political science, focusing in public administration and municipal management.

Jason is a Partner at New Frame and serves as the firm's lead lobbyist at the General Assembly, with a focus on lobbying Republican legislative leaders.   

Jason also serves the Town of Wendell as a Town Commissioner and brings an understanding of local government, data, budgets, and communication strategies that campaigns and advocacy groups must have in this political environment.  

When he’s not reading budget spreadsheets or campaign finance reports, Jason can be found on his front porch with his beautiful wife Meghan, their infant daughter Emerson Kate, and their two dogs Wags and Paisley.   

Contact: | 252-904-4381

Dan Froelich | director of online design & content


You know the kid who was constantly tinkering with stuff that may or may not have been broken?  

Meet Dan Froelich.  He's that kid, but he's grown up and he builds and maintains complex web platforms to host online learning.  

Dan is also New Frame's Director of Online Design and Content, a job that allows him to create innovative and professional websites for small businesses and nonprofits needing an online footprint at a fraction of the market price.   

Whether you are a small business in need of a new look with functionality or your nonprofit needs a new design that attracts donors, Dan builds innovative and clean websites that competes with any website on the market today.  

Dan holds a master's degree in instructional technology and knows no limitations in his web design work. He can create sites that includes e-commerce, video hosting, email communication platforms, and more.  Dan can even crank out quick mock-ups of your ideas within days, sometimes hours, after an initial meeting.  

When Dan is not serving as a scoutmaster and knot extraordinaire for his son's Boy Scout troop, he can be found in and around his Knightdale, NC home with his wife and three children where he may be taking something apart, playing video games, or coming to terms with the conclusion of the popular television series Breaking Bad.   


Christy Jones | CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER/lobbyist


Christy cannot think of a time when she did not dream of becoming a teacher.   Not only is she nurturing and patient, Christy wants to make a difference in the lives of children in her community.   After two decades in the classroom, Christy found she could lift up communities on a broader scale by working with agencies like the NC Head Start Association, the NC Institute of Political Leadership, Women in Office, and other New Frame clients.  

And while she may be a registered lobbyist at the General Assembly, Christy remains a teacher at heart as she organizes events, helps clients think through their communication needs and is able to research a complex question within the hour.   Christy loves to interact with clients and takes pride in thorough customer service going above and beyond expectations, which makes her the ideal Director of Client Services/Special Projects.   

When Christy is not walking the halls of the General Assembly or problem-solving with New Frame clients, she can be found volunteering as a coach with her husband for the Miracle League of High Point, a baseball league for children with special needs, or playing with her granddaughter and three adult children.        

Contact: | 336-905-0428



Skye David first got her start in politics in high school during her junior and senior years when she served as the chairperson of the Illinois State Board of Education’s Student Advisory Committee.   In this role, Skye was a member of the State Board of Education and worked on an important legislative project that eventually became the law in Illinois.   From that point forward, Skye was hooked on politics and policy.

Skye went on to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where she served on the Student Council as well as the Educational Policy Committee for the College of Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences.  In addition to earning academic accolades, Skye remained active in college life while working her way through school.  Skye's academic work on domestic violence led to an Orville Bentley Undergraduate Research Award for her work and served as the foundation of her future work at the North Carolina General Assembly. 

In law school at UNC-Chapel Hill, Skye remained passionate about policy and domestic violence, and took her desire to shape public policy to the legislature as an intern for a lobbyist who was once a graduate school intern of New Frame partner Brian Lewis in 2007-2008.   In addition to Skye's generous pro bono work to those in need, she also earned the Steve Smith Aspiring Activist Award for her domestic violence work.  

At New Frame, Skye works on policy, legal and regulatory issues affecting all the firm's clients, with a focus on the policy, lobbying, and legal needs of the North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault. 

In Skye's free time, she serves on the Board of Directors for the Coalition Against Domestic Violence, as well as volunteers with Big Brothers Big Sisters.  She's also a bookworm. salad connoisseur. workout aficionado and responds well to compliments.

Contact: | 812-881-0200