Welcome to the New Frame Briefing

For 6 years (2008-2014), I wrote the Daily Political Briefing, a daily e-publication I created, wrote, and distributed for a former employer.  When I left the organization so did the DPB, much to my disappointment, and from what I hear on a regular basis, to many who relied on DPB for news and information.  

DPB had a readership that ran into the thousands each day (Monday-Friday), including legislators, two governors, political reporters, and everyday North Carolinians wishing to stay up-to-speed on the happenings at the General Assembly.  

It wasn't always chocked full of news, sometimes it was a photograph I posted or video or a cartoon, but each and everyday I received feedback from readers who appreciated the time I took in crafting a message, informing of the legislative process, or sharing moments of levity.  

The New Frame Briefing is our attempt at bringing the DPB back to life, although we make no promises at being daily, and the content will be on a variety of issues within the General Assembly.   And as much as it may disappoint a few, it will also be bipartisan in our observations, praises, and criticisms.  

We, mainly me, will jot down our thoughts on happenings in North Carolina politics on a somewhat regular basis, reflect on where our policy debates are going, and hopefully readers will take the time to enjoy this as much as they did past writings.

So here's to old friends, new readers, and trying to catch lightening in a bottle twice.   

PS - Many of you have written about signing-up for the NFB, and we are grateful for the outpouring of support in just the few hours since our announcement.  We will have a link this week allowing you to sign-up.